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Midwife Online Training - Postnatal Care (TJ)

The origins of midwives date back to the early Egyptian ages, as pregnant women needed help during childbirth in absence of a skilled medical practitioner. Throughout the history, the disparate types of techniques and garnered knowledge have been passed down for the future midwives to learn and improve. If you want to become successful in this career path, then this Midwifery Course – Postnatal Care is perfect for you.

This course consists of various modules that are all geared towards helping you learn how to treat a pregnant woman. You start out with learning about all the basic aspects of helping a woman prenatal, during pregnancy, and finally after giving birth. This course also has a detailed history of the role of midwives throughout the history. You will also learn about the rules and regulations that you have to follow for becoming a licensed practitioner.

Overall this course can be very effective in order to learn midwifery and if you get it now, you will only get a head start.


Midwifery Course


Who is the course for?

  • People interested in working in institutions which helps women in labour

  • Professionals who are required to know midwifery techniques at the workplace

Entry Requirement:

  • This course is available to all learners, of all academic backgrounds.

  • Learners should be aged 16 or over to undertake the qualification.

  • Good understanding of English language, numeracy and ICT are required to attend this course.


  • After you have successfully completed all the modules, you will be able to obtain an Accredited Certificate of Achievement.

Why choose us?

  • Affordable, engaging & high-quality e-learning study materials;

  • Tutorial videos/materials from the industry leading experts;

  • Study in a user-friendly, advanced online learning platform;

  • Access to course content on mobile, tablet or desktop from anywhere anytime;

  • The benefit of career advancement opportunities;

  • 24/7 student support via email.

Career Path:

Midwifery Course – Postnatal Care course is a useful qualification to possess and would be beneficial for any related profession or industry such as:

  • Midwife

  • Licenced Nurse

  • Pregnancy consultant

  • Blogger for Pregnant women

  • The history of Midwifery in the US
  • Contemporary Postnatal Care in the Twenty-first Century
  • Maternal physical and psychological morbidity
  • Obstetrics Postpartum Care
  • Postpartum Fever
  • Postpartum Psychiatric Issues
  • Postpartum Hemorrhage
  • Women’s and Midwives’ Views of Early Postnatal Care
  • Transition into Parenthood: Ideology and Reality
  • Empowering Mothers: Strengthening the Future
  • Morbidity during the Postnatal Period: Impact on Women and Society
  • References
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever